As my major book project comes to an end I have time to focus on the next thing for my online business, a social media strategy that works for me and the type of business I want to build.   I don’t have a complete strategy yet. When I do I’ll share it with you to give you some ideas. Today I just want to share some fundamental tips for beginners who are just starting and want to use social media to market their business or build brand awareness. Here’s what this post will cover:

  • Why simply posting content on social media isn’t enough
  • Why having a small following is a good thing
  • Why Gary Vaynerchuck’s (and other big influencer’s) methods won’t work for you
  • Which social media platform you should focus on for big returns


Fundamental Tip #1: Add Value & Build Relationships “Content is king” is a well-known term in the social media marketing industry. Basically, it just means to post a lot of content to see big returns. I (really) think that’s not the case anymore.

It used to be that way years ago when quotes and cool graphics were a novel thing but the market is over flooded with that type of content now. It’s time to think outside the box. Yes, content is important but it’s not everything.


The more I study marketing the more I make the connections. Marketing is simply applying principles taught in classic self-help books. Like “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, for example.

Here’s what I mean by that. Marketing (modern marketing that is) is about being genuine, building relationships, and being friends with people.


The biggest mistake people make in social media marketing is that they view their followers, subscribers, customers etc. as just numbers. They fail to honestly view them as real people, with real wants, needs, desires, and their own share of problems.


Treat people on social media like you would in a face to face encounter. You wouldn’t walk up to a person you’ve never met before and be like “here buy this” or put quote card in their face and say “look at this”, but you would say that to a friend.


If my friend has a problem and I have solution (whether it’s my product or someone else’s) of course I would share it with them and vice versa. If I have a problem I would listen to a friend who recommends something not a stranger.


Side Note: You give what you get. If you want engagement on your social media posts make sure you like, comment, or share to show your support on other people’s content. Not with intention to get anything in return but if it was valuable, why not?


Fundamental Tip #2: A Small Following Is A Good Thing You don’t need thousands or millions of followers to see returns from social media. It’s better to have 20 followers who know, like, and trust you, as appose to millions. Building relationships with all of them would be a little more complicated. Of course there are bigger returns with bigger audiences, but don’t discount your small audience. They follow you for a reason. They are important.


I will end this tip with this super important note: DO NOT EVER purchase subscribers, likes, or followers. They aren’t going to be your target audience. They won’t care about what you have to say. Not to mention it’s obvious when people’s follow to like ratio is not congruent. Focus on the quality of the connection with your followers and engagement as appose to the numbers.


Fundamental Tip #3: Focus Gary Vaynerchuck is everywhere on social media. He has big followings on all his social media platforms. You may be thinking “if I am everywhere and post multiple times a day like Gary Vee, I will have big numbers and success like he does”.


That’s the wrong kind of thinking on a lot of levels. You should always focus on you, your audience, what’s good for you, and for them. However, that’s beside the main point. Which is he likely has various assistants who help him. I highly doubt he posts and updates all of his social media on his own. He has help. Which is something you most likely don’t have if you’re a beginner.


You can’t be everywhere at all times like he is. There isn’t enough time in the day and that would take up all your energy. Remember it’s about quality. There is no way you can be on all platforms and do it well. You’ll end up half assing everything.


Going back to the first tip. It’s about engagement. You’ll waste your entire day trying to engage on all platforms. Pick 1 or 2 social media platforms, focus, and go all in. once you do have the money to pay for assistance then you can be on more platforms.


Fundamental Tip #4: Use Your Strengths The truth is all social media platforms and strategies work. It’s not rocket science. The blueprints are out there. You can use google, you can purchase a course, or pay for online classes. (Check out the resources at the end of this post)


The thing is, it will require some investment. You can invest your time and learn through trial and error or you can invest your money and learn faster. Whatever works for you right now.


Besides that keep in mind your strengths. Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. If you’re good at writing try Quora. If design and photographs are your thing, try Instagram. Try Snapchat or YouTube for videos. The underlying point are they all works.

Choose something that compliments your strengths, and be ready to invest time and/or money to research, learn, and master the social media platform you choose to focus on.


If you found this post valuable make sure you share it with a friend. Also, let me know in the comments below: what is you preferred platform and why?


Make sure to follow me (Facebook, Quora, Instagram) for personal updates and more tips to start and grow a business that brings you money and joy too. 


Hope you have an awesome, goal crushing week. ~Best Wishes Sandra



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