I’m  fired up about this week’s topic 🔥Prepare to plan your way to success.

Weekly planning up leveled every area of my life (my business, productivity, relationships, health, and focus).

I’m excited to share my “5 step weekly review/ planning Method” with you.

I’m convinced it’s going to take your online business game (and personal life too) to the next level for two reasons.

Reason #1: When you take the time to plan your upcoming week and review your previous week you TAKE BACK CONTROL.

If you feel like you’re not getting enough done, focused and motivated, or as productive as you’d like, It’s because you’re giving your attention to the wrong things.

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and like you have too much on your plate, planning will help you remain balanced, clear headed, organized, and less stressed. #amentothat

When you plan your week you can intentionally schedule ONLY tasks that matter and are going to move you closer to achieving your goals, instead of just mindlessly doing things.

Reason #2:  You’ll never hate Mondays again 🙌

You know that feeling of excitement you get at the start of a new year when you write your new goals and create a fresh vision board?

Well, when you take the time to plan, review, and schedule your week you will have that same feeling. It’s like having a new vision. You’ll be pumped and motivated to start your workweek and get things done.

Ready to plan your week effectively?

Watch here or continue reading below:

Step#1: Decide on a planning day

First thing’s first, choose a day when you will sit in a quiet place for about an hour or two. This planning and review process may take you longer at first. It’ll fly by faster as you do it more and become accustomed to the process.

Step #2: Declutter

It’s time to tidy up. Declutter your physical and digital space.

I clean my desk and get rid of papers I don’t need.

Then I go through my phone and delete all useless pictures, contacts, and apps.

My computer is usually the messiest. I delete unnecessary documents, pictures, and downloads and put files in their proper folders.

I also take the time to organize Evernote. This is my favorite app. I use it like a crazy person all week. Instead of diving into every article, video, or resource, I come across, I put them in an Evernote notebook I named “to be filed”.

During my planning session I take the time to file those resources into their appropriate notebook. This way I can check out those resources when I have time or when I actually need it. This practice saves loads of mental energy. Check out these videos to learn how to use this amazing app.

Step #3: Review and analyze your previous week.

When you don’t pause and reflect you’ll unknowingly keep doing the same things repeatedly, even though they aren’t producing the results you need to accomplish our goals.

When you take apart and examine your week it will be apparent where and how to improve. Then you can take control and put prevention plans into place to keep from making the same mistakes.

For this step I write it out as a journal entry. I have a list of questions I answer every week for each important area of my life.

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”  – Tony Robbins

Create a list of questions that will help you effectively evaluate each area of your life once a week. Make sure to include questions that will help you conjure up a plan to course correct and do things differently and better. You can download the list of questions I use here to use as a starting point.

Step #4: Plan your effective week.

Now that you have a clean space and clear mind it’s time to plan an effective week.

After evaluating your week determine what you’re going keep doing and what’s going to be discarded or improved for next week.

Write down everything you want to get done the following week. I like to plan my week in 5 columns.

The first column is profit producing activates. This is important. If I want to keep making videos, writing books, and doing the things I love, money must be flowing in.

Likewise, if you aspire to quit your job and work from home full time make sure you schedule activities that are going to make you money. Even though this is a critical part of being your own boss, sometimes we overlook this.

The second column is other general business activities: email, social media, and blog posts.

The third column is what I call “homework”. Learning is also essential to accomplish business goals. I try to keep everything stream lined. For example I’m getting ready to launch my new book, Online Business Success. Therefore, “homework” for the past few weeks has been how to do amazon ads, how to sell more books, and reviewing self-publishing courses I have.

The fourth column is my Personal to-do list: errands, appointments etc.

The fifth and final column is for necessary “course correcting” actions, determined in step 3.

Step #5: Use the 5 column list to plan your days

I tried using this list to plan all 7 days ahead of time, but that didn’t work for me. Instead I plan my days as they come, but I still reference the 5 column list. I don’t ever go to sleep without planning my day.

To see what works best for you try both. Use the 5 column list to plan your entire week at once or use the list to plan one day at a time. Whatever the method you choose, make sure to include items from each of the five columns. This way you will have a balanced week.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you did let me know in the comment and tell me How will you be planning your week differently?





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