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Take Your Side Hustle Full Time: Business Strategy Basics

It wasn’t too long ago that I had a full time job and I was hustling mornings, nights, and weekends to take my side hustle full-time. Today I am working from home, making money online, doing things I enjoy. It all changed when I started focusing on these 3 facets. 3...

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How To Plan Your Week For Success

I’m  fired up about this week’s topic 🔥Prepare to plan your way to success. Weekly planning up leveled every area of my life (my business, productivity, relationships, health, and focus). I’m excited to share my “5 step weekly review/ planning Method” with you. I’m...

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How to create a lead magnet (Free, fast, and easy).

Before we get into how to create a lead magnet, let’s answer the question, What is a lead magnet? It goes by many names: a freebie, giveaway, ethical bribe. Basically a lead magnet is a free piece of content you use as an incentive for people to join your email list....

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Start An Email List From Scratch (5 Steps)

Imagine if you had a direct connection with your customers. What if you could send them a personal message to help, inspire, or tell them about your new video, book, or product? Well you can. With email marketing it’s possible. Email is the best way to be personable...

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How To Start A WordPress Blog: A Beginners Guide + Tips

  “How do I start a WordPress blog and what are the costs involved?” What is a WordPress blog and why do I need one?” I’m so glad you asked. After we dig into those questions you’re going to realize just how vital it is to have a...

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Social Media Marketing in 2017- 4 Tips Every Beginner Must Know

  As my major book project comes to an end I have time to focus on the next thing for my online business, a social media strategy that works for me and the type of business I want to build.   I don’t have a complete strategy yet. When I do I’ll share it with you to...

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