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Did You Know “Ninety percent of America gets up and drives to a job they hate.” ? Dana White said that and I happen to agree with her.

So that means for every person who knows about the endless possibilities the internet brings to us there a 90 more who don’t. That’s a lot of people who show up to their jobs uninspired, driven by necessity.

The child like spirit of becoming something great has been pushed down by responsibilities, bills to pay, and bosses to please. This thought irks me every day.

So I created this website with the mission to enlighten you and help you reconnect with that inner child who believes “anything is possible”. Because you deserve better and you are worth much more than a 9-5.

About Me & How I Can Help You

One of the most astonishing things to me is to see how a blank page can go from nothing to something that has the power to change someone’s life.

Weather that’s a book with one idea that sparks something in a person’s head (like it has been for me) or something as simple as a beautifully designed quote, that was just what a person needed in their day. That’s why I am a writer and a creative at heart.

However, what I am most proud to say is that I am a stay at home #MomBoss. It feels so good to finally be able to say that. It was something I dreamed of realizing for many years.

I was tired of going from job to job in hopes of finding the right one for me. I always felt like an outcast. Like that wasn’t the place for me. It bothered me to know that I was working for someone else’s dream and not mine. The thing is I didn’t even know what my dream was.

Until I found out about online business. I had heard about it here and there but, like most people, I always thought there was something “fishy” about it. But when I came across a YouTube video that explained how you could self-publish books on Amazon, it was game on.

Until my books flopped. What I failed to realize was that being a self-publisher is like running a business. The same principles that apply to business, online or offline, applied to me as well.

Well the game was back on. I began to investigate how and where I can learn these things. I invested in courses, read countless hours of material, and watched all the videos I could find on the topic (and I still do).

This site is my hub to store all that information. I want to share with you what I have learned and what I continue to learn because I strongly believe that we rise by lifting others.

If you have the same feeling I once had, that you were meant for more than where you currently are, you’re in the right place now. Here you will find tools, resources, information, and inspiration to help you build the life and business of your dreams.

Here’s some resources for you to get started.

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Weekly #momboss episodes (turorials and business tips).


Motivational business books that empower you to go after your dreams.


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