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It has been a couple of weeks now that I was able to quit my job. Don’t get the wrong impression. I am by no means “rich”. I haven’t reached my financial goals, yet. I just came across the awesome opportunity to be able to quit my job and focus fulltime on building a business online.

The purpose of this post is to share my journey with you and to hopefully empower you to go after your dreams too.

I’m going tell you how I got started. How did I even come across this idea that I could make money online? Then I will share the streams of income that I have created doing things that I absolutely love. To conclude, we’ll wrap up by giving you 5 tips to help you get started making money online.

My Journey I’m all about learning and growing. I lend ear to anything and everything that will help me be a better person and to live a good life.

I turn every moment that I can into a learning session. Weather I’m driving, cleaning, or taking a walk, I’m constantly listening to motivational podcasts, audiobooks, and YouTube videos.

On this particular day I was folding laundry and listening to one of Stefan Pylarno’s videos about “Morning Rituals”. This was the first time I had ever heard of this man.

I was blown away by his tenacity to make all his goals come true (which he records and makes public every month). I binge watched his channel the rest of the day.

Then it happened. I came across a video where he talks about making money online with Kindle publishing. Which basically that just means publishing books on Amazon. My jaw hit the floor. “What, anyone can publish a book on Amazon!?”

And my journey began……. I bought his course, Kindle Money Mastery. In it he teaches:

  • How to find a profitable book idea
  • How to hire ghost a writer
  • How to publish books on Amazon under pen names.

I followed his exact method for about a year. I would hire ghost writers and publish books under pen names.

Then I came to my senses. I started to realize: I’m better than, or even as good as some of these, “professional writers”. That’s when I decided to write my own books.

3 Ways I Make Money Online:

Kindle publishing- It’s easier than ever before to self-publish your own books. You can write them yourself or hire a ghost writer, like Stefan teaches. Amazon is a great platform to attract readers.

Affiliate Marketing-  also known as the referral business of the internet. Online retailers will pay you a commission for sales generated from your referrals. Anyone can be an affiliate and it’s free.

Walmart, Target, and Amazon are some of the top retailers who offer affiliate programs, but they are not the only ones. Almost any app, service, or product you use has an affiliate program.

YouTube Everyone has something beneficial that they can share with others on YouTube. You can share cooking tips, make up tutorials, tech tutorials, or just vlog your everyday life.

People are making serious money with YouTube ads just sharing what they know. Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming book that really nails this point:

“If you have knowledge and skills about a topic and you aren’t sharing it you’re leaving money on the table every day. That’s like you inherited a large sum of money but you aren’t using it.

Not only are you doing you’re self a disservice. You’re also robbing others of the opportunity to better their lives.

This very second, someone is searching for the information and skills you have stored in your brain. Your unique perspective on the topic may be the switch someone needs to change their life.”

5 Tips To Get Started Making Money Online

1.Find something you are passionate about.

Do not dismiss this. What’s the point of making money online, weather it’s to quit your job or just to make money on the side, if you are going to be miserable? If you find something that you at least enjoy doing, then it will hardly seem like work, and you’ll put more effort into it. People will really take notice of that.

2.Identify who you want to serve

Who is your target audience? (Also known as your ideal customer avatar or your ideal customer audience) The type of content you produce will be based largely on who your target audience is.

If you want to serve moms the graphics and colors you use will look different than if you were interested in serving young college kids. Other things that are based on your target audience are your logo, your choice of social media platform, and the kind of blog posts, books, or videos you will produce.

Aside from that it will help you to stay focused. Which is actually tip number 3.

3.Stay Focused- The most difficult part of starting an online business is to remain focused. There are so many ways to make money online and so many programs to learn. If you don’t know what you want or who you want to serve beforehand you’re going to get overwhelmed and you’re going to want to quit.

I’m talking from personal experience. It’s best if you focus on one business model, one target audience, one social media platform (or two at the most) and don’t let what anyone else is doing distract you from your original plans.

4.Find a problem and add value

If you know your target audience this is easy to do. All you have to do is find problems that your target audience has and add value by fixing it for them. There are so many ways to this.

One quick example: You know the power of reading. You know what it can do for your business and your life. Between working a full time job and hustling on your side business there’s no time for you to read.

Joseph Rodrigues solves this problem for you. He creates detailed study notes about business and self-improvement books and he publishes them on YouTube. Now you can learn from a book what would of normally took you hours in just one hour if you watch his videos.

That’s just one example of how you can make money by solving a problem and adding value to your target audience, but there are so many more.

You can share cooking tips for busy mom, quick make up tips, or videos about budgeting and saving money. The possibilities are endless. When you know who you want to serve the problems will become so apparent.

5.Be committed. Don’t just dabble in this like I did for so many years. It wasn’t until I got committed that I started to see growth. So don’t just be interested be committed!

Be committed to finding something your passionate about that you can share with the world while at the same time making money.

Bonus Tip: Just Start Don’t wait for all the stars to align. Don’t wait to have it all figured out. If you want to make a living online making YouTube videos pick your phone and record a video today. If you want to write blog posts start a website today. There are free ways to do this. Just look it up and start today.

~Best Wishes


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